Saturday, August 2, 2008

A fun way to remember French verbs: Avoir and Etre

A FUN Way to Remember French Verbs: Avoir & Etre

The principle is simple: It is easier to remember 10 new words in a language you know, rather than trying to remember 3 new words in an unfamiliar language. SOUND ASSOCIATION is a very powerful memory technique. Here is a FUN way to remember the verbs TO BE (être) and TO HAVE (avoir).

VERB TO BE (être)

I am --> I am SWEEt --> Je suis
You are --> You are ESsential --> Tu es
He/She is --> He is ESTablished --> Il est
We are --> We are SOMEbody --> Nous sommes
You (pl) are --> You are ETErnal --> Vous êtes
They are --> They are SO Naughty --> Ils sont

VERB TO HAVE (avoir)

I have --> I have AIds --> J’ai
You have --> You have ASthma --> Tu as
He/She has --> He/She has Anemia --> Il a
We have --> We have AVON cosmetics --> Nous avons
You (pl) have --> You have A VE rsaci bag --> Vous avez
They have --> They have ONTario friends --> Ils ont

Courtesy of French Faster